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Dealbreaker (HU)


Dealbreaker is a ghost brewery established by proven faces of the beer industry. Péter Pazinczár’s name may be familiar because of his older project TuffBuzz, and Tibor Rebák worked years as a brewer at such international breweries like BrewDog, Signature Brew or Poppels. Still, our biggest hit is BPBW Budapest Beer Week, which both of us are co-founders and main organizers of, but we are also the new captains aboard two of the OG beer places of Budapest, namely Csakajósör and Hopaholic. 

So Dealbreaker is some kind of a natural sequel of our joint work we started earlier, and each of our beers are experiments dedicated to our no compromise characters. Behind every incomprehensible twist there are bloody serious thoughts, implemented with the best ingredients and without clowning, whether it’s a single hop NEIPA, cold brew coffee infused Berliner Weisse, dry hopped Imperial Stout or just a 1.8% micro IPA.

Although we are constantly working on new and one-off brews, with Jump Ship, Clickbait and Unconditional Love we finally created a core range by 2021.

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Noise Trade | Dealbreaker (HU) | 0,33 - 7,5%

In stock
€4.67 €3.97

Unconditional Love | Dealbreaker (HU) | 0,33L - 3,6%

In stock
€4.15 €3.53